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Dog Care Insight’s aim is to provide you with the most reliable, authoritative, and up to date information about dog care.

Richard Gray is the founder and chief editor of Dog Care Insight. Richard has a broad experience of dog caring, having owned and looked after many breeds including, golden retrievers, basset hounds, a Dalmatian, a German Shepard and Border Collies.

Richard has a wide experience in publication: writing magazine articles and contributing chapters to a book, as well as working as an editor.

Here at Dog Care Insight we know that choosing the most suitable breed for your lifestyle and environment is key to your own happiness and that of your new canine companion. We are also concerned about the problems that can arise with dog behaviour and control and we aim to give you comprehensive insight into tackling such issues.

We publish research-based posts on providing you with the best information to select the most suitable breed as well as dog training guidance, nutrition insight, dog product reviews and breed information.

Each of our posts is scrupulously checked in an editorial process and fact-checked before publication.

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